Get Naked For Charity

Getting naked is the right thing to do...

Get Naked For Charity (GNFC) is a place for healing, for positive action, and for a little fun. Currently GNFC is not accepting donations. First we need 10,000 volunteers to get naked! Each volunteer receives a banner that reads, “I Got Naked For Charity” which you can put on your Facebook page or blog etc. You can only post images of yourself! Get as naked as you want. All images are approved by a moderator before they appear online. Be sure to leave a comment if you want to dedicate your nude moment to a victim of cancer, or just in support of those who fight so hard! When we have a full gallery, we will start taking donations from visitors. The first campaign, as you may have guessed, is to raise money for “Save the TaTas.” Our goal is to raise $50,000 for that cause, and then switch to a new event. Except for what it costs to actually operate this program, 100% of funds go directly to charity. An outside controller will audit the project and those details will be posted so everyone knows this is completely legit. So come in and get naked!


The world is full of nude selfies!

Do we really care anymore? No.

  • Drop your hangups and your clothes!
  • Videos like this one get millions of visitors.
  • Let’s put those selfies to good use!
  • Get Naked and Raise Money to Fight Cancer!

“Getting Naked Can Save Lives”

How to Get Naked for Charity:

  1. Click the “Gallery” link above and register.
  2. Login and post your images.
  3. A moderator will review your image before it appears online.
  4. Add comments if you are dedicating your nudity to a cause or person.
  5. Your comments can be healing to others.
  6. No negative comments will be accepted.
  7. Don’t worry about having the perfect body. All women are beautiful.

Why I got Naked...

My mother died of cancer in 1989. I never thought I would EVER allow myself to be photographed nude, but after witnessing all the pain cancer caused our family, I realize my priorities were wrong. It’s time to start caring more about ending cancer than I care about someone seeing me naked. I want to do something real. I don’t have money, but I can do this! I got naked for you, mom, and for every woman who fights like a girl! Let’s end cancer and save the TaTas. (Angell Lynn S.)


I got naked for charity because I wanted to do what I wanted for a change. I’m tired of society making such a big deal out of a pair of boobs. So I did it. I want to help people, and it was fun. I stand by my sisters everywhere. Save the TaTas! (Beth H.)